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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  August 25, 2014 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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. you know what, dad? i'm good. (dad) it may be quite a while before he's ready, but our subaru legacy will be waiting for him. (vo) the longest-lasting midsize sedan in its class. introducing the all-new subaru legacy. it's not just a sedan. it's a subaru. . >> breaking news in vallejo where workers tearing down church brick by brick after it was damaged by the earthquake. this is first baptist church on sonoma a boulevard. pastor discovered one side of the bell tower leaning this morning. he notified authorities who fear it's in danger of collapsing. so they decided to dismantle the bell tower immediately. oldest part of the church were
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built in 1921. it was retrofit entered 1992 and the church pastor believes that may have saved the tower from toppling over during yesterday morning quake l. we update the story on 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. >> good evening thanks for joining us. we do begin with latest open the napa earthquake there have been 8 after shock today biggest was 2.9 just after 5:00 p.m. city officials report things are getting better. most people would losts evening. only one road in napa county remains closed that's old sonoma road. napa valley unified district cancelled school for second day tomorrow as inspectors work to make sure every classroom is safe. red cross evangelism asian center at crosswalk community church will be open again tonight. we have team coverage beginning with of laura in downtown napa. >> you can see that the district is coming off. corners are big concern right now.
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>>reporter: it's not a store or restaurant but for napa greg this 1940's art deco building is his livelihood. one that has been red tagged because of the damage it took during sunday quake. >> it could have been worse. it could be a pail of brick and so far it look like it might be something we can save. residents of this syringe attorney also have uncertain future having to move in and out a hurry. because this too has been red tagged. and so it is for now in downtown napa where so many buildings and businesses took a direct hit. >> it's just empty. stores that i have shopped in and business that is i have done business with for so many years are closed up now. >>reporter: barbara wiggins owns the mustard seed clothing company on first street. >> we lost most of our window then right next to the old library over here so that has been a concern too because it's not structural sound right now
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either. >>reporter: men time the strange looking vehicle are driving around downtown measuring to see if any more gas leak. >> brought in some incredible satellite of the art technology with the gas detection device. 1,000 times stronger in detecting natural gas than other technology we used in the past. >>reporter: like many homeowner we met him buildings and business owners tell us they do not have earthquake insurance despite that uncertainty t.vowing to repair and reopen as soon as possible. if napa, abc 7 news. >> it's not just the downtown area that got hit. many people in napa have their own stories about the quake and the damage left in and around the homes. dan spent the day in napa and this is what he found. >> i woke up because my wife was screaming bed was literally going back and forth across our bedroom floor. >> doug tomorrow so that home
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in napa is not very far from the epi-center of the quake. >> once it stopped you can look out over the valley from our home and it actually looked like bomb were his going off from all the transformers across the valley. pictures and booze down there l you can see this room. can't even get into right now. >>reporter: doug shot the video of the damage throughout his house. >> we have a lot of got a lot of broken glasses. >>reporter: scene rae peteed across wine country in the middle of the night sunday. despite the damage they are fortunate they can stay in their home. >> this is the only damage structural we didn't have any broken glass or window. >>reporter: he's grateful. >> not that big of a deal. tough going to bed last night because of the after shock but it wasn't as bad as it could have been. nobody was hurt in the home we were probably pretty lucky.
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>>reporter: earthquake did some serious damp to the office of napa main newspapers. vick lehas more. >> we'll be in business definitely. >>reporter: that's publisher brenda spence promised to paper readers. promise that the recommending sister will continue covering the news even though the earthquake has covered them. this is the town daily newspaper. it was almost a miracle that this paper circulation 12,000 was able to present and distribute a full edition on time. this is why. take a look. this the is the newsroom or was the newsroom. the quake rendered it uninhabitable. management meeting held outside. editor were using a conference room which was assessed to be safe as the temporary newsroom. the printing press his h1n1 cracke cracked. 7 unit press each unit weighing 16,000 pound moved 4 inches across the concrete floor. but the paper
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was able to use social media and get the news across on its web site while another newspaper in fair field printed the paper for the register. they were able to do their jobs and make dead liens. >> as you know you go in the news coverage mode and you kind of put everything else aside. >>reporter: napa valley register covers the news. no one thought it would become part of the news. vehicle lee, abc 7 news. >> public work crew in napa are on the job tonight trying to repair dozens of water line brake. they face a total of nichlt 8 repaired last night. anyone who lost water service completely after the quake is advised to use bottled water for drinking or cooking or boil tap water for a full minute. some customers may have the water cut off while repairs are made nearby. city also has 2 water stations one on pearl street and another at the this area on lipped a vista avenue. >> napa first united methodist church still closed today with no word on when it will reopen. meeting held tonight to
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discuss the future of that church. portion of the facade of the church is sanction ware is leaning in danger of fallin falling. also significant damage to the inside of the church. building dates back to 1874. l people now beginning to assess the damage. in the process of repairing the homes. sf lee ann talk to homeowner who are dumping the debris left from the earthquake. >>reporter: she's owned this home for 38 years. the chimney collapsed falling on the roof which then cracked the living ramp ceiling. >> when the actual chimney landed on the roof it broke one rafter so we have to repair that. then i'm taking the whole chimney down. >>reporter: he has already hired a contract or several homes open twin oak drive undergo extensive repairs. structural engineers from the city of napa are available to homeowners to evaluate the damage. they recommend if you hire a contract or make sure he
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or she advertise licensed. >> there are people who are unscrupulous and take advantage of the situation and they will come and tell you that you need xyz done and they will pro tend to do it then they take the your money. >> not just cosmetic piece. tell glass for the most part. >>reporter: business it is deal if window and glass replacement have been overwhelmed following yesterday quake. >> started early yesterday morning at 5:00 o'clock so we started making contact going downtown trying to help oath out as much as we could. board up get dimension to provide quote to do the repairs. >>reporter: some of the wind 0at this senior residential assisted living home on villa lane were broken or the frames pwaim became detached. there are now drop-off box ins downtown napa for businesses to get rid of their debris. those boxes are also located at all schools here n.napa, abc 7 news. >>.
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>> 13-year-old boy was injured chimney collapsed on him. sergio spoke to the boy's family and best friend today. >>reporter: brick mortar came tumbling down on 13-year-old nicholas dillon now piled in the family back yard. his friend tom was right there we know it all happened. >> then he yelled my name. then like in pain. about and i said his name. if then if few second of that his parents came over. >>reporter: dillon suffered serious injury to the pelvis when the brick fell on his back he did try to move. >> tell as he was crawling away with the shaking the brick fell on him. >>reporter: she says the family did secure the fireplace years ago after a prior quake so they are surprised it broke apart. tonight dillon is recovering from a 9 hour surgery at uc davis medical center in sacramento. his aunt says he's in good spirits. >> certain that he will be able
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to get back to the his the daily routine and be able to get back to dot things he loved to doyshtion his had friend tells us they were doing home work saturday night in the living ramp and fell asleep but jolted awake by the shaking sunday morning. his mother let me talk to him for a few minutes. it's clear he's still emotional about watching his friend get hurt. >> just seeing him being wrapped in the backboard they were taking him in was tishltion he's looking forward the seeing his friend soon. if physical last dillon is improving. his condition has been upgraded from critical to serious. in napa abc 7 news. >> if you can help the people affected by the napa earthquake use your cell phone to red cross at this number. that send the american red cross 10 dollar donation. see it as charge on your phone bill. we have a lot more ahead on abc 7 news at 9 next. historic
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napa win country look like a fun house tonight. how they deal with big losses in the wineries. sf. >> earth quake. earth quake. >>reporter: and the warning that went out before the napa earthquake hit. how soon will that went out before the napa earthquake hit. how soon will there be an app for that. >> fv it was mild today but we do have some hot weather in the welcome home! woah, this kitchen is beautiful! give him the tour. let me show you! soft-close drawers, farm sink! where's my room?
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e napa winery hit hard by the quake but some damage coming in close to 1 billion dollars. 7 news reporter alex mike son has more on what the winery are up against. >> these images of wine bottle falling into the aisles of store during the quake gone viral. but these images perhaps the most devastating to the area long-term. inside the napa barrel care the floor is covered in wine. from 900 pound barrel that burst open. >> lose all the wine anywhere from 5000 $to 50,000 dollars. >>reporter: todd is the win maker for frank family vineyard losing even one barrel can potentially put someone out of business. >> small producer that could have been the year work right there. it puts them out of the
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market for a couple they lose the whole vintage. so they could lose the placement in restaurants the retail outlets. >>reporter: makingatter worse winery beginning to harvest season. one of the business yebingt time of the year for the 13 billion dollar napa wine industry. >> also any damage structural to winery busy season comes now so they have to get the repairs done right away. >>reporter: in terms of winery some of the worst damage is here at the woon ri this building a national historic landmark and been here since 18 86 has dramatically shifted to say the least. >> certainly about scary look to it. a little bit of a fun house look to it. a little crooked but still attach to the foundation. >>reporter: building housed barrels and wine tasting. president of this family vineyard says they will rebuild. >> most of the buildings most of the wean all the grape all the people they are okay. 0so there's a lot to be thankful for. >>reporter: in napa abc 7 new news. what would you do if you had 10 or 15 seconds warning
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that an earthquake was about to hit. that's not just imaginary idea any more. technology to provide this kind of warning actually exists. the only thing missing is some money to actually exists. the only thing missing is some money to make it happen. cheryl report earthquake earthquake light shaking expected. >>reporter: this 10 second warning went out yesterday just before the napa earthquake hit. but it only went to the a few select test users. the goal drummond sgs is to make the warnings available to everyone on the west coast. scientist say even a few seconds can save lives. >> well it takes you less than 3 seconds to drop cover and hold on. under a desk or tabl table. >>reporter: 10 to 15 seconds could also be critical to first responders. people in dangerous workplaces. >> about factory environment where you are close to hazardous material, few seconds is enough to get out of harm way. >> quake alert shaking in 105
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seconds. >>reporter: this is a test version of the warning system this could be on your cell phone. if it uses the phone gps to find location then calculates how far you are from the epi-center and how many seconds you have until the shaking starts. >> one second to shaking. >>reporter: usgs estimates it cost 1 million dollars to get it up and running for california an another 11 million a year to maintain and operate it. but for now lawmakers have not approved the money. >> we believe that once the system is funded we can go public within two years. >> cheryl jennings reporting. that would be nice but what would you do. would that be enough time for you if you had a 10 second warning. cheryl asks to you comment on our facebook page at this site. >> 10 seconds warning. 10 minutes would be great. >> ten minutes would be great. the probably like 10 seconds
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what can i get. fight all right so how is the weather. seemed cooler today. >> it was below normal in many areas but we are going to see the temperatures rising up well above average this week so get ready for some summer heat as we close-out the last week of august. all right let's look at live doppler 7hd and we talk about some 90's coming our way. too cool for you hang in there warming trend will get under way tomorrow. live doppler 7hd is watching low clouds along the coast pushing in towards the bay tonight. in the sierra we have seen the thunderstorms developing south like tahoe got 71 hundredths of an inch of rain and some pretty good hail. it was tiny hail but accumulated on there. roadway there earlier this evening right around denier time. here's a look at the storm report from that area so at 7:33.three inches hail in diameter looked like snow i was being told. look from the emeryville camera low cloud across the city. temperatures in the 60's for san francisco oakland san jose pretty mild in
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gilroy. 63 half machine bay 61 still visible golden gate bridge temperatures right now 59 in santa rosa novato. it is currently in the 60's for fairfield and livermore and another view from our exploring camera low clouds reappearing in the financial district. low clouds will spread overnight tonight. temperatures rebound tomorrow and we are looking at warm to hot weather wednesday through friday so you look at the water vapor imagery. it's this trough that triggered the heavy rain andhunderstorms and brought the hail to the tahoe area but for us it's a dry trough which 80's we saw the low clouds clear out in most areas this afternoon. but it was just a little too late. temperatures in the mid 60's to low 80's for the high today. running from 2 to 9 degreesbelog begins tomorrow as high pressure builds in. near temperature will go up. one thing we keep an eye on is hurricane marie in the pacific just south west of baja. it has weak tone category 3 storm. category 4 earlier but it's
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going generate some large south easterly swell. high surf advisory for the southern california coast from noon through friday. noon tomorrow through friday covers los angeles ventura county coast and wave height 10 to 15 feet. dangerous swimming surfing conditions minor coastal flooding expected so just in case head tling keep it in mea mean. bay area the national weather service issued pa reinstatement. watch out for chaotic mix swell. large swell with some unusually strong currents. tomorrow morning starting with lecloud mid 50's to low 60's as you dress the kid to head off to school not too chilly tomorrow afternoon. it's actually going to be very pleasant. short sleeve weather finance for inland areas upper 80's there mid 80's there. 84 concord. 80 santa rosa. 81 nap a.low 70's around oakland richmond 76 in san mateo o. 69 san francisco and nice day in san jose. 80 degrees. 74 santa cuchltz 7 day forecast warming it up tomorrow and numbers will continue to good
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up right on through thursday so low to mid 90's in our inland valley upper 60's to low 70's during the midweek time period along the could he go and temperatures will slowly come down heading into the first weekend or first saturday in the weekend but then you notice sunday the temperature slip some more cloud cover will be increasing. hurricane marie will fall apart at least that's what the projections are and we get some clouds out of it this weekend but we keep an eye on the possibility of model changing their mind and bringing in rain. right now we are just not putting the rain in. not looking like it. >> thanks sandhya. >> still to come on 7 news at 9:00. view from above. remarkable images of the damage ascap toured by a drone. >> napa earth quake has entire bay area thinking about preparedness. today california department of emergency services reminds all of to us make sure we have an emergency contact out of the bay area as well as back up and back up to the back up. more preparedness
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well as back up and back up to the back up. more preparedness advice at this site. can't say thank you enough.
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there has been a stream of image showing the earthquake destruction in napa but none quite like this. look at this video. all shot from a drone eye view. video shot sunday after the earthquake and shows much of the damage in downtown napa. many of the buildings like the first presbyterian church and old courthouse already been filmed and shown on air including our own but of course not from this angle. the man who shot it says he wanted to show how drone could be used to document this type of damage. >> another 30 minutes of abc 7 news at 9:00 moments away. up next. more on the impact the
9:26 pm
earthquake had on the wine industry and will it lead to hire praises. >> find whut usgs scientist said about the most recent quake and what to expect in the near future. >> and billy crystal heart felt tribute robin williams.
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>> we continue our coverage of the napa earthquake. we are on the ground in the quake zone for us tonight. violent shaking sent family running for cover. surveillance video capturing that moment at 3:20 am sunday at this music store. drum fly. the ceiling crumble crumbles. >> the quake struck. what wept through your mind? >> honestly i thought i was
9:30 pm
going to die. >>reporter: in all more than 200 people injured. the stories just now emerging like little baby ishmael born before the shaking started. his parents and hospital nurses hovering over him to keep him safe from falling debris. >> think obviously mom and dad were shaken. >>reporter: price tag for damage could top 1 billion dollars. winery workers helpless as millions of dollars of wine pour right down the drain. >> this quake hit so hard it split this lamp completely in two. not over yet. based on past quake scientist say there's a 30 percent chance another big one could strike this week. the worst quake to hit the bay area in 25 years has some calling for new remin reminders of what to do if the big one hits. stop drop and cover your head. others calling for early warning system. earthquake earthquake when earthquake happens the wave that cause damage travel from the epi-center at the speed of sound. but sensors
9:31 pm
near the epi-center that detect earthquake can send alert much faster at the speed of light. >> closer you are to the earth quake the less time you get because the wave gets you sooner. >>reporter: the warning system could give up to 40 seconds of lead time in a quake. enough time to stop a train from leaving a station or to get to safe place in your home. work in sunday quake justin seconds. >> i'm not sure 10 seconds of warning make whole lot of difference. >>reporter: so many people tell me how lucky they feel this wasn't the big one but they know it could be come. in the past day alone 74 after shock out here you can see all the rubble behind me. now the cleanup begins. this is abc news napa, california. >> if more now on the daniel to napa wine industry. you have seen the images of smashed bottles and broken barrel. today many damage winery already back open for business but for others the cleanup process has just begun. if
9:32 pm
tiffany wilson has more on how vineyard try to save their win wine. money straight down the drain. inside the winery dozens upon dozens of banged up barrel crushed the cases and smashed bottle. for this family winery owners the initial site rendered them speechless. >> when he came out face was sheet white. >>reporter: today clean up demands delicate hand as crew hook hoist and lower barrel 1 by 1. >> we don't have any numbers we suspect because of a lot in there as well it's in the millions we lost. >>reporter: complicating matters a race against time and temperature as the new harvest already under way. >> we need every inch of our space and facility to process the grapes. >>reporter: whitney family store entire 2013 vintage here. she suspect significant loss but says it could have been worse. >> i was really glad that the craw wasn't in here during the earthquake. we would be loo looking for themen steady of just barrels. >>reporter: the family struggle 0to recover, michael
9:33 pm
with the napa vice president interassociation says the earthquake wasn't a huge set back for the industry. >> if there is a silver lining the 2 vintage are 2012 and 20 threaten so if we last something it's one we have a lot of like coca-cola can't turn on the faucet and make more wine. >>reporter: future wine praises. >> not a lot of us lost wine. few lost a lot but majority didn't last anything i'm not sure if it impact prisons one way or the other to be honest. >>reporter: in all the winery with wane stored here want to remind foam that -- folk it's not the quality of the wine affected merely the quantity n.napa, abc 7 news. >> about lots of broken store front window in downtown nap a.worker at this glass company spent all day yesterday and today replacing their own broken glass supply and helping neighbor organize business board up and repair broken glass. >> swat chaotic. today the
9:34 pm
same thing. most of the stuff we see today though everything has been secure already for the most part. so just a matter of doing some clean up. getting some difficult mention and the praise to do the repair. >>reporter: the joan says most of the cases aren't just simple glass repair. quake bent and shifted many window frame away from the structure so repair crew reset and replace those before putting in new glass. >> what is left of 4 mobile home caught fire after yesterday earthquake today. residents walked among the ashes to look for any belongings to sal vandal. some residents like bill lost everything. he left wondering if the insurance company will help him rebuild. >> so far they have been really supportive. they waird me money and all the things. if bottom line frjs we are safe. >> he's wearing donated clothe clothes. he says he's grateful for neighbors who offered to help him. authorities haven't
9:35 pm
determined if the fire was caused by ruptured gas line. it ruptured a world trade center main making it harder for fares to put out the flame flames. >> busy day for cal-trans crew inspecting state highway around the renal. we captured this video of a craw checking out the damage to highway 12 south of downtown napa. you can see the crack travels across the entire roadway. nobody would comment on the status of the highway did you keep the road open. road repair in full swing right now. cool in napa all day long. the quake caused the road to buckle in several places at least one spot it rose as high as a foot. >> despite damage it caused a saint activist called yesterday quake fairly routine for the size. l he was in napa yesterday looking for the source of the earthquake. clue were among the crack in the road and dirt beneath the grip vine. they mapped out 6 miles
9:36 pm
that ruptured. >> earth at the surface moved 2 and a half inches. at depth it was probably larger. and this moochltd this slip that reless energy and those are the seismic wave that produce the damage. >>reporter: yesterday quake caused more stress on nearby fault but that's not likely to trigger any major earthquake in northern california. >> usgs scientist still trying to pin point which fault triggered the quake. hayward rodgers creek about 7 miles to the west of the epi-center and the concord green system about 6 miles to the east. they aren't ready to say it was caused by the west napa fault just located just to the east of the epi-center. stay with us and l our web site for continuing coverage of the napa earthquake. photo gallery of the damage and tips on how to republic for the next disaster on our web site abc 7 breaking news alert
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follow us on twitter at this site. still to come at 9. last operating nuclear power plant on california central coast operating nuclear power plant on california central coast causing
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>> former inspector at the last operating nuclear plant in california wants it shut down. at least temporarily. michael peck the former lead inspector for the nuclear regulatory commission on the central coast. he says the nrc is not enforcing the own safety rules there. he says fat silt should be closed until regulators can determine whether nuclear reactor can withstand the shaking from major earthquake. pg&e owns the plant and maintenance it is safe.
9:41 pm
police in mountain view arrested 6 people after deadly shooting at the shore lean amphitheater. the jenkins and effective others were arrested during performance in i are serene. the shore lean shooting left 38-year-old man dead friday night. 6 people arrested were all charged with firearms related offenses however police did not whether they had anything to do with the shooting. new smart phones sold in california as of today are required to be equip with latest anti-theft technology. governor brown has soond the kill switch bill to help protect consumer against theft sense technology render the did he vase inoperable if stolen. half of all property crimes in the san francisco involve mobile device. 60 percent in oakland involve cell phones. the mayor says law removes all i know sentive to steal smart phone keeping rest didn't safe safer. >> long time bay area talk radio host ron owens revealed today that he has parkinson's disease. he made announcement
9:42 pm
on the morning show on kgo radio. 68-year-old says he was first diagnosed back 2001 but only told family members and close friend. he says revelation that robin williams had parkinson's pushed him to decide to go public. he says he thought it was important for people to know that the disease isn't death sentence. owens has been at kgo radio for nearly 40 years. >> up next at 9:00. billy crystal pay tribute to his long >> up next at 9:00. billy crystal pay tribute to his long time friend robin williams. weome home! woah, this kitchen is beautiful!
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>> when the news broke that robin williams died early this month his long time friend tweeted no words. tonight during the memoriam portion of the awards crystal found just the right words to honor his late friend. >> he made us laugh. hard.
9:46 pm
every tim you saw him. on television. movies. tonight clubs. arenas. hospitals. homeless shelters for our troops over seas. an even in the dying girls living room. for her last we shall. he made us laugh. genius on stage he was a greatest friend you could every imagine. supportive. protective. loving. the it's very hard to talk about him in the past because he was so present is in all of our lives. for almost 40 years if he was the brightest star in a comedy galaxy. but while some of the brightest of our celestial body are extinct now. the energy long since cooled but miraculously because they float in heaven so far away from us now t-the beautiful light will continue to shine on us foreve forever. >>reporter: about robin
9:47 pm
williams died august 11th at the age of 63. heavy rain doused the kick off to nevada week long burning manifest value. storms have drechbled black rock city during the annual desert party of arts and libation into a muddy mess pushing opening day to tomorrow. more than 60,000 people are expected to attend this year event. for oneless check on our weather here let's get to sandhya. >> hi amma. they are going to see dry conditions tomorrow by the way as you look at live doppler 7hd right now. low clouds starting to fill in across the bay. if traveling state wide here's what it looks like. notice the rape starting to push on out. 82 in reno. 76 degree ins tahoe. expecting 83 in los angeles after the morning fog. 90's from sacramento. yosemite. fresno chick o. getting hot there. look at our high pressure they are going up tomorrow. skype san francisco. 67 half machine bay. most areas will see the sun earlier than today allowing
9:48 pm
the temperatures to come up. 73 in oakland. 80 santa rosa 81 napa out to fairfeld antioch upper 80's. 76 in free mont. 86 livermore 80 san jose 74 in santa cruz. look at the accu-weather 7 day forecast. we notice the temperatures coming up that the low to mid 90's range. it's summertime. we expect those temperatures upper 60's to low 70's along the coast. and of course that beach weather but a lot of kid already back to school so not exactly the best time to go until the weekend. still very nice. take the kid to the coast if you want. but we will see some extra high cloud coming in from what is now hurricane marie watch it for you. thank you. >> speaking of kids and school. nation largest pediatrician group is now confirming what teenagers have been saying for years. school starts too early t.american academy of pediatrics is recommending that middle high school start classes at 8:30 or later. group says it would be an effective counter m tower fate
9:49 pm
chronic sleep loss and epidemic oven sufficient and erratic sleep pattern among the nation teens. pediatrician say teens need up to 9 and a half hours of sleep each night. >> 49ers ripping up the new field at levi stadium again tonight. you can see every inch of the sod is just gone. according to our media partner the mercury news the team will start installing a brand new field this weekend possibly with different kind of grass. niners just replaced the sod on thursday after players kept tripping over divot. complained about conditions again last tonight. new field is expected to be ready in time for soccer match on september 6. lets hope one of these teams the sod sticks larry. >> the they are going to get it right next time. i feel cold front deny. they may change turf as you mention going from the if bermuda a to possible. >> i have to google that. >> if my favorite turf web site sod there's a web
9:50 pm
site. where i get my the forl. i don't know what kind of turf the planned i'll investigate. that a's actually might be just minutes away from moving back into a tie for first place. and you make the call. safe or out here. it was a critical call. just underneath the grass lose it just in time great direct going for over 60,000 california foster children, extra curricular activities help provide a sense of identity and a path to success.
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>> coming up tonight at 11:00. napa quake has many people asking themselves is my home safe. find out why some are which is to go rip out the fireplaces in the live report problem in napa which bridges were shut down just short time ago. be sure to join us for 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. >> all right larry here with some sports for us. >> yes do you have a favorite sod picked one out yet. >> i have not. i have yet to visit the site. >> i'll get on it right now. >> while i work surf the web. usually happens any way two out
9:54 pm
of 3 from the first place angels over the wean the a's another big series coming up in anaheim in few day but between now and then 3 game in houston and plenty of good seats. always available at the park. 3rd inning. donald son. him if looks okay right here. double down left field line. alberto score 1 nothing a's in the fourth man on. other josh turns on a fast ball. l from burlingame. 3 nothing a's. jeff pitching a gem. shut out into the eighth. chris carter look like a pop up to right and goes and goes and goes just beyond reddick leap. 31st of the year. suddenly tenth 3-2 game. donaldson down the left field line again. second double of the night scores andy and eric 3 rbi night for donaldson. angels trail the marlins 7 nothing. look like tied top of the al west at the
9:55 pm
end of the night. struggle tim lost spot on rotation with the giants release one star hosting rockies and struggle with the rock second engine. andrew l aloha break a tie. second of the year two 1 giants in the fourth. runners at the corner for colonel republican and democrat o. justice continue off and running. how weird was that? jake peeve with a balk fell off the mount. drew in. 3-2 rockies in the seventh. base hit. dj is safe or is he out or called safe. the giants appeal and on the pant leg he was tagged and he is out. call overturned right now giants down 3-2 and they are in the 9th inning. 49ers will wrap up the pre-season this thursday against the texans. most coaches don't want to play the starters in the last present season game training to avoid the risk of injury but jim harbaugh may want to the see a little bit of kaepernick.
9:56 pm
niner offense is completely out of whack. thus far. first team past shakey at best 3 pre- beat the charmers yesterday. if led the best drive of the pre-season for the redding and gold. much important productivity with second year with the niners. >> the i never lost my confidence. new ick catch a football. discuss a little thing i need to im paragraph on of course going in. just comes down to focus just seeing the ball in and she's a small thing but makes a lot of difference when you do just that. >> that's rocking the hair. college football season kick off this week. saturday cal will visit northwestern. stanford is hosting uc davis. san jose state hits the field first. big question for the spartan on offense is how do you replace one of the best quarterback in the program
9:57 pm
history? david svl star with the sparta spartan. he has been used more as running quarterback in the option gales in the year past how does he feel about the opener. >> just nerves. control those. i have been preparing last two years behind fails for this and i think i'm mentally read to g go. >> very consist then the fall done a is in job. feeling the pocket well making good decision was the thrown accurate catchable pals. those really are of importance in quarterback position decision. >> attack of killer bee test you was op. going after crumb running away trying to get the balance boy to hangup on the guy he was quite elusive then after venus williams when she took that to the cower. eventually able to resume the match 19 fl venus if into the
9:58 pm
next there and 6-3. men open champ murray had all kind of problems with crabs against robin. said uncomfortable all match. one muscle would cramp up on and on and on like lebron james game one of the nba finals but able to rall ncaa in the fourth set i have and 7-5 and moving on to the second round. 7 sports brought to you by toyota. >> so clearly the tv tip weigh 4 19 bermuda is the way to go because it combines off toness with that. >> you do it so well. bringing it every night. >> according to the sod it is the most popular sports turf in the last 40 years why wouldn't you go with that one. >> i didn't lovetive way 2 19 because it just doesn't grow as well buttive way 4 9 everybody
9:59 pm
will like. that very enjoyable when you listened on top of it. >> thanks larry i'm amma for all of us here, abc 7 news at 9:00 thanks for watching. 7 news continues on the mobile device with the news app see you at 11:00 over on channel -- device with the news app see you at 11:00 over on channel -- 7.
10:00 pm
[♪] i can't believe this is our 20th and final anthropology diorama of the year. i can't believe our assignment is making a diorama of us making our 19th diorama. annie: that's kind of weird. oh, come on. my forehead is not this big. troy, can you pass me that paintbrush?


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